What wants to happen with you? 

Do you ever feel the strain that builds up inside you when you’ve been living out of alignment with yourself? When you’ve gotten caught up in chasing something or fulfilling other people’s expectations?  

Do you ever get the sense that something is changing inside you? Or that life seems to be trying to get you to take notice of something… as though there’s a transformation that wants to happen?  

You’re not alone… even though it can feel that way.  

With Deep Transformational Coaching, I partner with you to create a space where you are safe to be and express your whole self and know you will not be judged for it. Through intimate conversations, together we’ll explore what is emerging from deep beneath the surface… 

Deep Transformational Coaching is not about a modality. It’s about you. If you’d like to have a transformational coaching conversation, get in touch and let’s discover what wants to happen with you…

The Watershed Moment

As we come closer to achieving the goals we set in our 20’s — building careers, nurturing relationships, raising children, or choosing not to have them at all — we are faced with the most daunting question of all: What happens next?

Fifteen years ago, I found myself with a corporate job and a life that made me feel like I was dying inside. I stepped away from it all to sing jazz around the world against all odds. 

As a CTC Certified Deep Coach, with a BA in Psychology, an MBA in Organizational Behaviour, and a lifetime of unconventional choices, I am committed to listening deeply with no judgment, and supporting you as you explore and transform your inner world to discover new levels of personal reality.

The enormity of the opportunities ahead of you can seem dense, scary, and daunting. Where do I start? How do I choose? What’s the right path for me? How can I leave a positive mark on the world? 

It might not feel like it right now, but the answers to all of these questions lie within you. Let’s unlock them together.



Services Offered: One-on-one deep transformational coaching.

Location: Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can have our sessions from wherever you are.  

Rates: Please contact me below for further information.


"I worked with Joy as my coach during a very significant time in my life. I was launching my first book into the world and I had a lot of doubts and fears. Joy was supportive, encouraging and very skilled at creating space for me to feel a sense of inner power and strength. Joy had the uncanny ability to provide guidance when I was feeling stuck and then empower me to look inside myself for my own inner wisdom and guidance. She was responsive, compassionate and skilled and I was deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her." ~B.J.

"Joy Voeth is a spirit. She creates trust and faith. Her being is priceless. With her knowledge about the psyche and soul, she is a perfect gardener. A gardener who lets the soul grow and blossom. Very carefully and in a special protective way. Her questions are evocative. They encourage you to trust in yourself and to be brave enough to make the next step in your life. Thank you Joy for being my guiding spirit!"  ~C.L.